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Meet The Designer and Owner 


I am Sheree and eventing is what I do! 

My passion for creativity, eye for detail, and organizational spirit are the perfect tools to complement designing amazing events. As a child, I planned the most elaborate parties for myself (Usually so elaborate that my family would rewrite the vision and execute their plans). This introduced me to the pillar that serves as the foundation of my business: YOUR event or celebration is TRULY about and for YOU. As an adult, I still embody that commitment because every song may not be about me, but when I get to the one that is, I will sing it emphatically.


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I started my career in television and was quickly immersed in all facets of planning and coordination. One simple forgotten detail could derail the entire broadcast. During my time there, my work in television built the precision and urgency I didn’t realize I would greatly need, especially since event production wasn’t on my radar. 

I went on to obtain an advanced degree in public service, all the while continuing to put my planner and designing mind to unofficial use. So, how did a master’s degree in public service land me into producing events professionally? I simply took a leap of faith and bet on me.


I stepped out of my comfort zone and launched my dream.


Let's Work Together!


Fun Facts

If my spirit was a color, it would be pink. My perfect shade is fuchsia but I live for a nice ombre.

Some people crave chocolate but, if you bring me a bag of Albanese gummies, we can be friends for life.

There is never a dull moment in my world but, when I am not eventing, I am spending time with my amazing husband and the best 3 little people God could bless us with.

My perfect day is throwing on comfy clothes, plopping on the couch, grabbing a glass of red wine, and binge-watching one of my favorite shows.

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